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Hi! I'm Rebeckah Ruth. I am a veteran entrepreneur and Image Consultant, I am a sought after speaker. I’ve spoken and trained on various stages. I love helping people bring their inner beauty to life and to have pride in who they are inside and out. They learn that how you present yourself on the outside is a direct reflection of who you are on the inside.

Some of the highlights of my career are producing several fashion shows for nonprofit organizations like the YWCA. I have worked with politicians, beauty pageant contestants, professional athletes, supermodels, recording artists, and corporate executives. 

 I’m originally from the DRC in Africa, and one of my biggest passions is to bring awareness to the continent of Africa. I am passionate about giving back to my country and the development of its young girls and women.

On any platform, I am passionate about empowering women. I truly believe that when you invest in women, you change the world. Your audience will be captivated by my tell it like it is style, my sense of humor and compassion. 





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